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What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol.  It is a chemical compound from the hemp plant. It's naturally occurring  & used in products like oils and edibles. Unlike its cousin THC (the ingredient in marijuana that gets you high), CBD is not psychoactive.  Yes..this means that CBD will not get you high.

Read this CBD article for a quick and easy to understand overview of CBD, how it works, and the benefits of CBD

CBD Dosage Guidelines

There isn’t a “one size fits all” dosage, and there will be some trial and error while gauging your proper dosage.

1. Estimate  based on your body weight
Individuals with more body mass will require more CBD to experience its effects. A good rule of thumb is to take 1–6MG of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight based on the individual’s level of pain.  For example, 15MG-25MG would be best for another who weighs 150 lb.

2. Start small and increase gradually

It’s best to start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase it. Start with your determined dosage.  After a week you could increase it to 5mg. Continue this until you feel that it’s effectively treating your symptoms.

3.  Take notes

Keep a journal and note the following:

  • What did you take?
  • What brand did you take?
  • What were the milligrams (dosage)?
  • How did you feel?

You don’t have to get all fancy with it. You can use a physical journal or use your notes app on your phone.  You just need something so you can go back and see patterns.  This will help you find your perfect dosage and create your regimen.

3. Consult your physician
Consult your physician, especially if you have an existing medical condition.

What Should I Do If I Am Not Seeing Results?

The effects of CBD oil are much slower than most pharmaceutical drugs and require consistent use to be effective.   This is especially true when you start with small doses. It may take a little longer but remember that is the best route. 

You might not feel any effects at all at first.  But if you are consistent and build up, your body starts to see, Oh, okay, we got something new going on here.   

If for some reason you feel like you’re having a negative reaction, or you just don’t like it then by all means stop. But don’t just stop because it not working as fast as you think it should. Give it time to build up so it can work for you.

If you don’t notice the benefits you can. 

  • Try a different product
  • Try a different dosage of the same product
  • Try a different manner of taking CBD Oil.

Due to personal differences, it may be necessary to experiment with the dosage or forms of CBD oil until you reach the results you desire. Be aware of the personal goals you want to achieve with CBD use so that you can monitor your progress as you get started.⠀

Disclaimer. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration and are in no way intended to treat or diagnose any physical ailment or disease. Please consult your Doctor before adding CBD or any supplement to your diet.   We are not doctors. This information was developed through our personal experience and research. They should not be considered medical advice. Please consult your doctor for all medical advice.