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Welcome to the Being Jane podcast, the busy girl’s guide to living healthy.

Hello, there Pretty Janes welcome to the Being Jane’s podcast with your girl, R Joyce. I am super, super glad you’re here today. So I’m really excited about today, because today I am going to share what I believe is the best home workout for beginners and especially for busy beginners. Okay, so I want to start by saying I am not an affiliate. I am not an associate. I get no commission, I do not get paid off of the workout program I am going to talk about today. I just truly believe in this program. I have used this program at several different points in my life, at several different stages and it has always delivered. Now that program is Brittany Babes 21 day challenge and I am going to be talking about the special edition version. Now, a quick program overview. It is $15. It includes a nutrition book, a training journal, a bonus workout that you can download and do offline, and Facebook group.

The Facebook group is phenomenal. It is literally thousands of women who are super supportive, who give you tips that keep you motivated. It is really an amazing group and amazing energy to be a part of. Now I really liked that this is program is online via her website. So you log onto her website, it is super user friendly, you can navigate very easily, it is super mobile friendly. Everything is just super easy to use. And I keep using super because it is so true. So now let’s get into… How did I come up with this is the best beginner friendly home workout plan, especially if you’re busy?…. I will tell you. So of course l look at the workout and I look at the meal plan. And when I was looking at the workout I looked at a few things. I wanted to see how much of a time commitment will be required.

So how long is the total program? How many days a week do you have to work out and how long is each individual workout? I also look at the complexity of the program….or the type of workouts that was in the program. So by that, where the moves super, super complicated and a hundred steps? Did you have to put your body in weird positions? Or was it more simple that you could follow? I also looked at the type of equipment that you needed. Would you need a whole lot equipment or just the basics? So all that was taken into consideration. So when I look at the nutrition guide, I looked at several things also. I looked at to see what was the selection of food. Was it a nice variety, did it cost a lot of money or was it more affordable?

Was it like really complex meal plans or recipes or types of foods that you had to go to specialty stores to get. Or recipes that took a lot of time to make..there were a lot ingredients. I looked at all those things in determining was this good for beginners and people who did not have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. Okay, great. So let’s get into the training guide workout piece of the program. This program is 21 days. You work out 6 days a week. And each workout is 21 – 40, 45 minutes long. Now the one thing I did not like is I prefer, and this is just my preference to work out five days a week. And I think for beginners is really important not to , kind of burn them out. So I think two days of recovery is really, really good.

Now I get it. This is set up to be a 21 day program. So they want to get as many workout days as possible in those 21 days. So the actual workout guide or journal is a PDF download. It has tips in there, supplements, really good stuff for beginners in my opinion. It really explains stuff in really great detail. And then you have journals. So everyday you can write what you’ve done, your progress, just keep up, follow along and stay motivated. So I did like that the actual workouts are videos and they’re follow along videos. So you’re doing it like in real time, like you’re doing it with them, which I think is amazing….I don’t know if amazing is the right word, but I think it’s good to follow along as beginner. It makes it flow better as well. So I like that. There are three videos that you use throughout the entire program.

So there’s a 21 minute hiit for your cardio, the dynamic warm up,and the post stretch. All three of those videos are used the entire length of the program with every workout. Now your daily videos throughout the week, those are different videos every day for you to view, so you’re not having to do the same exact workout every day. So that’s really good for keeping the variety, keeping you motivated and keeping you going. Each video include modifications, which is very beginner friendly. So it’s two people working out, one person is doing the more intermediate advanced move and then one person is doing a modification move. So I did like that as well. And the equipment all you need is dumbbells, one set of dumbbells that you’re comfortable with would do it. If you want to use a mat you can, but you really don’t have to. That’s more of a personal preference.

So overall the training guide gets thumbs up for beginners and thumbs up for the time that you have to give to it. The only ding was I would prefer five days over six days, but that’s more of a personal preference and I get, it’s a 21 day program so they’re trying to pack in as much for your punch as possible. Now on to the nutrition guide, which we all know is the most part of any workout program or healthy lifestyle. Right? So again, very impressed as far as the simplicity of it and the beginner nature of it. There are a variety of items that you can use that I think are just absolutely awesome and they’re very affordable. They’re very easy to obtain. Go to any grocery store, Walmart, Kroger’s, Publix, and get these items so it doesn’t scare off beginners or people who don’t have a lot of time.

Even when you look at the recipes and the meal plan, they are not these super complicated recipes or meal plans. Very simple, easy to follow and it just makes sense. It fits into a busy lifestyle. It fits into a beginner’s lifestyle. I really liked the meal plan and I like the recipe examples. Now if you don’t like the meal plan, the recipe examples, you have so many options thats given that you can really use that as a blueprint to create something that’s more customized for you that would not be very hard at all using the included nutrition guide. Now they do have vegan and vegetarian protein options or substitutions, but they don’t have a complete vegan or vegetarian meal plan. But again, I think there are so many options in the nutrition guide that you can really customize it to fit your special dietary considerations.

So that really sums up my review. So as you can see this is really perfect for the beginner. The PDFs, both the training guide in the nutrition guide go into a lot of good details for beginners and explains a lot of things is also really great. It is low cost. It is low cost to buy the program, which is only $15. It is low cost to get the food and all you need is dumbbells for equipment. So that is great and it’s not a major time commitment. 21 to 40 minute workouts are really short and something that we can all commit to. So I think that is great as well with working out every day. As pointed out, I would prefer five days over six days, but it’s not a deal breaker and let’s be honest, you can just choose not to work out one of the days and resolve that problem fairly simple.

So I would like to know who has ever tried Brittany Babe’s 21 day challenge? If you tried it, did you like it? Did you not like it? Do you agree or disagree with what I said? And if you haven’t tried it, does this make you want to go try it? It’s $15 I definitely think it is a very well put together, very great program. Not just for $15. It is a great program period. But for $15 girl. Mm. I’ll tell you what. So that is it for today. Thank you so much for hanging out with me. And until next time, stay pretty.