In this presentation, I’m going to show you five ways to overcome fear and anxiety. Anxiety is a normal and healthy emotion that everyone has felt during their life. However, it can manifest into a mental disorder that can decrease your ability to cope with feelings of anxiety.

Developing the ability to deal with anxious thoughts is key to overcoming fear. When you find yourself becoming overly concerned. Here are five ways that help you calm down and regain control.

1.  Short circuit anxiety by breathing.  

When you start to breathe quickly and your breaths become more shallow. It is the trigger that propels all the other anxiety symptoms into action.  By controlling your breathing you can start to control the other symptoms of anxiety.

If you start to feel fearful stop what you’re doing and focus on your breath. Take a deep breath in ….counting to seven quickly in your mind… then slowly breathe out. Counting to 11 quickly… do this for a minute and you’ll find you can quickly calm down.

2.  Exercise

There is a clear link between exercise and anxiety management. Those who don’t stay active or exercise regularly are more prone to developing anxiety disorders.   Exercising releases neurotransmitters that have an uplifting effect on your mood. Participating in regular exercise is the best way to help manage your anxiety.

3.  Take magnesium.

Recent studies have discovered that some people may be more susceptible to anxiety-related symptoms if they are undernourished. Besides dehydration, the next biggest culprit points to the role of magnesium.

Unfortunately, magnesium is typically stripped away from most foods due to the way it is processed.  You can reduce some of the physical symptoms of anxiety by including a magnesium supplement in your daily diet.

4.  Take some time out.

Taking a moment to step back from your problems can help to clear your head. Meditation is a great way to calm your mind and focus on the now. Regular Yoga practice can also help you limit the anxiety symptoms that you experience.

5.  Know yourself.

Try to gain an understanding of your fear and anxiety. Start by keeping a thought diary and begin noting when you experience stress and what happens.  When you determine what causes your anxiety, you can try to start setting small achievable goals for facing your fears.

Learning how to overcome fear and anxiety will provide you with the ability to focus on what you want to be and do. It will take some effort on your part but will be well worth the effort.