The “Try CBD” Challenge

Do you want to try CBD?

Are you fearful of using it because you don’t know enough about it?

Stop being unsure about using CBD 

Start feeling empowered by your decisions!

What you can expect from this challenge:

CBD Gummies

1 (one) pack of high-quality CBD gumies to help you apply your challenge learnings to everyday life.

CBD Video Course

Short video modules to educate you on CBD in an simple and easy to understand way.

CBD Challenge Guide

PDF worksheet providing additional online resources, such as published research papers, educational articles,  guides etc.

The CBD Video Course Video Modules:

  • CBD 101:  Everything you need to know about CBD and how it works
  • The Science: Evidence-based research on the possible benefits & side effects of CBD
  • CBD & You:  Easy to implement CBD dosage guides and ways to create your perfect CBD regimen
  • FAQ:  Get clear answers on commonly asked questions.

After Participating in the challenge you will:

Have a clear understanding of CBD and how it works.

Feel empowered, educated and confident about your decision to use CBD.

Confidently consume your CBD. 

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Includes FREE shipping